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We’re Hiring!  Should We Hire You?


Roles available include: Full-time, part-time and shift managers

Working at Play2Day – are we a good match?!

We all want a role that is interesting and that gives us a sense of achievement.  And that’s what a job at Play2Day Family Entertainment Centre gives you.  In addition to your wages of course!

What’s working at Play2Day like?

Our staff will tell you they enjoy the wide variety of jobs and being part of a team who work hard to ensure families have a fun, safe and memorable experience with us.

At peak times things can get a bit hectic and at others really quiet.  That’s the nature of this type of business!

What sort of a person are we looking for?

Ideally, a people person who likes a challenge! You’ll be working as part of a team and serving customers so it’s essential you get along with other people.  No-one wants to work with or be served by a grumpy person.

And you’ll need to enjoy a challenge because at busy times you might need to do three different tasks in three minutes!

So I’ll be serving customers most of the time?

That’s not likely!  It depends upon the position you take and when you work. Our busy times are when most people have their free time, such as weekends.  At other times we carry out tasks such as preparing, cleaning, stocktaking, ordering and planning.


We know that not every task is exciting, but they’re all important.  We mention cleaning again because sometimes there are lots to do, so find out if your role includes cleaning because if it does and you find housework a chore, the job isn’t for you!

If you can take pride in doing tasks such as cleaning, you’ll know what a difference you make and what it means to our customers when they walk into Play2Day and see a clean and fun place.

I’m a people person who likes a challenge and variety, what do I do now?

Either click this link for Jobs In the Tenpin Bowling Centre or the Adventure Playcentre and complete the online form


Download and complete the application form and either hand it in at Reception or post it to us.

Good luck!


The Play2Day Team


Job application form

Job application form


Job ApplicationAlternatively please click on the Job Application link below.