Super Frantic Friday Lazer-Tag games are adrenalin filled fun

January 15, 2016 @ 19:00 – 21:00

Super Frantic Friday Lazer-Tag games are adrenalin filled fun for all your family!

SUPER FRANTIC FRIDAY is just £10.00 per person for two hours of Frantic Fun.

Super Frantic Friday

Lazer-Tag Super Frantic Friday and you’ll have blast playing UNLIMITED games of Lazer-Tag.   You’ll use the latest hi-tech gear in our exciting two-level arena to blast all your challengers – it’s FRANTIC!

Who Can Play Super Frantic Friday Lazer-Tag?

Frantic Friday Lazer-Tag is adrenaline filled fun enjoyed by all your family.  Anyone can play and it’s best to use a combination of stealth and stamina because you’ll play lots of games in two hours!

Do I have to play every game?

No, you play as many games as you want and you can sit out games whenever you want to get a drink, comfort break or just rest up before you go again.

What games will we play?

You can choose!  Choose from lots of exciting games such as Commanders, Back-Stabber, Frantic Frenzy and Frantic Fire.

If you want something a little less exciting you can play the standard games such as teams and solo games. 

Plus, if you still have any energy left after two hours of  Lazer-Tag you’re a very fit person and you can choose to play either Ten Pin Bowling or even more Lazer-Tag for just £2.00 a game!

When are Frantic Friday games and do I have to book?

Not too surprisingly, they’re on Fridays and from 7.00-9.00pm. Although you don’t have to book, it’s best to give us a quick call on 01945 450629 just in case a group has bookedPrivate Hire session?

Lazer-Tag Frantic Friday is adrenalin filled fun but how much is it?

It’s just £10.00 per person for two hours of Frantic Fun.

Do I get anything if I win?

Of course!  You get the satisfaction of knowing you’ve proved yourself to be the best and the bragging rights that accolade achieves.

In addition, write down your best score of the night on a High Score Form and if at the end of the month yours is best you’ll win a FREE Frantic Friday and the chance to prove you’re still the best!

Super Frantic Friday Lazer-Tag games are adrenalin filled fun but do I need to book?

You don’t have to book your Super Frantic Friday Lazer-Tag games but it would be good if you did so we can tell others you’re coming as more players mean more blasting and more fun.   You can call us on 01945 450629.

Sounds good but you need some more info?

So now you know that Frantic Friday Lazer-Tag games are adrenalin filled fun and you can learn more about our Lazer-Tag Arena, Ten Pin Bowling Centre or Indoor Children’s Play Centre on our website.

You can also keep up with what’s happening at Play2Day Wisbech on Facebook, see you there!